Air Filtration

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Updated homes are built to keep them firmly closed. Even though this is beneficial for energy fees, an undersupply of natural airflow isn’t so nice for your indoor air condition.

An air filtration system in Oxford, Mississippi, can aid by eliminating air pollutants which can naturally formulate in your home air.

We aren’t just alluding to your heating and cooling unit’s air filter here. We’re discussing a system that can eliminate pet hair, bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

Your heating and cooling unit can circulate these allergens throughout your house many times a day, hence why air filtration is so important for having clean air indoors.

Our air purification products work with most makes and models of home comfort equipment.

Which include:

  • Media air cleaners
  • HEPA refinement equipment
  • Replacement filters

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Remove Pollutants with an Air Purifier

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Air filters don’t solely clean air. It could also amplify your heating and cooling system’s energy effectiveness.

That’s because they can help get rid of allergens that amass during regular use.

Looking for something more powerful? Certain varieties provide hospital-grade air cleaning for pathogens, while others can lessen home smells through a carbon filter.

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Reduce Viruses with a Germicidal Lamp

A germicidal lamp uses the application of ultraviolet light to decrease allergens within your household.

While these lights help make your indoor air healthier, the lamps may also keep your heating and cooling system productive.

That’s because ultraviolet light removes viruses, dander and more pollutants that can build up in your system over the seasons.

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